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Protection and flexibility,

Travel with serenity.

Tenant's guarantees

Because we often need time to organize and coordinate our holiday, to require the approval of all participants on the chosen property. Because we can all face unexpected events obliging us to cancel or stop our holiday. Because without an insurance, cancellation is complicated, time consuming and expensive. Our guarantees are simples and consist in true solutions offering you flexibility and protection.

You can subscribe to Very Dog Trip insurances at the time you book. They are simple to subscribe. Transparent as their application are clearly defined. Mutualist, as based on common sense and users global behaviors. They are in line with Very Dog Trip global travel philosophy.

48h Free Cancellation

You need to secure your accommodation prior booking your flight or train tickets? You must get the approval of your family to confirm your choice? Our 48 hours free cancellation answers your needs.

48h Free Cancellation

Very Dog Trip offers the flexibility you need to prepare your holiday with peace of mind. 

Our 48-hours free cancellation policy gives you the time you need to organize your transport, confirm your choice with your family or friends, respond to an hesitation between one property and another, seize an opportunity. 

To take advantage of this possibility, you just need to get in touch with Very Dog Trip team by email or telephone.

Cancellation Insurance

In case of cancellation, you are reimbursed in full of the amounts paid. In case you should interrupt your stay, you are reimbursed on a prorata temporis basis for the nights not spent in the property.

Cancellation Insurance

Because only a major event makes us cancel or interrupt our holiday, we have set Very Dog Trip cancellation insurance. This insurance protects you prior your arrival but also during your stay. As a consequence, in case of a major event, you benefit from:

1. A refund of the amount paid in case of cancellation.

2. A refund on a prorata basis taking into account the nights not spent in the property in case of an interruption of stay.

Any reimbursement has a deductible of 10% of the rental price in order to cover bank expenses (linked to your payments and reimbursement) and the cancellation process.

Your request is processed in France by the team of our guarantor partner who status on the eligibility of your request. If so, the refund is processed by bank transfer within 10 days after receipt of the elements justifying your cancellation. There is a limit of € 25,000 per reservation.

Cancellation of stay - refund example:

You have reserved a 7 nights stay for an amount of 2,100€. You need to cancel your reservation. You are refunded for 1890€, corresponding to the rental price used minus the 10% deductible cancellation fee (210€).

Interruption of stay - refund example:

You have reserved a 7 nights stay for an amount of 2,100€. You need to return home on day four. You will be refunded for 990€, corresponding to 4 nights not used (1200€) minus the 10% deductible cancellation fee (210€).

Civil Liabilty - Damages

Even some dogs with good behaviors can create damages. With Very Dog Trip, you can easily subscribe to Civil Liability and damage insurances

Civil Liabilty - Damages

Our insurances include :

- The Civil Liability insurance which protects you against the damages you can cause to the real estate (such as fire).

This Civil Liability is mandatory for anyone renting a property, protecting you from the damages you can cause to the real estate such as fire to name the worst. You can get it from your own insurer, often at a high cost or simply subscribe the one Very Dog Trip offers.

- The Damages insurance which protects you against non predictable damages that any member of your family, including your dog, can cause to the furnitures.

Note that predictable damages (such as the ones involving cleaning) are not covered by the damages insurance.

Guarantee details and activation

Booking with Very Dog Trip, you benefit from strong guarantees, allowing you to travel peacefully.

Very Dog Trip guarantees Implementation & financial terms
48 HOURS FREE CANCELLATION Free - No payment required
CANCELLATION INSURANCE 25,000€ per reservation
10% deductible (mini 50€)
INTERRUPTION OF STAY INSURANCE 25,000€ per reservation
10% deductible (mini 50€)
CIVIL LIABILITY INSURANCE 1 000 000€ - 10% deductible (mini 50€)
DAMAGES INSURANCE Up to 5000€ - deductible 50€

About our guarantees

48-HOURS FREE CANCELLATION: you just need to contact our team by email or telephone to put a hold on a property. This does not require any payment to be made. This option stands for the following 48 hours after getting in touch with our team.

CANCELLATION INSURANCE & INTERRUPTION OF STAY to benefit from these insurances, you must have subscribe to it and send us your request in writing by e-mail or by letter with acknowledgment of receipt, explaining the reasons of your cancellation or interruption of your stay and providing your supporting documents. 

Your request is analyzed by the team of our guarantor partner, who statutes on its admissibility. To know more about the causes taken into account, you can consult our pages dedicated to insurance termsWhen applicable, upon receipt of the supporting documents, your reimbursement will be made by bank transfer within 10 days. Like any mutualist scheme, the guarantees you benefit from stand if they are activated for real and serious causes. We rely on your common sense to use them accordingly.

CIVIL LIABILITY INSURANCE: when you rent a property, you should provide the owner with your own insurance certificate. To avoid any administrative process, you can subscribe in a clic to Very Dog Trip civil liability insurance. Make your life easy while travelling and get protected against any damages you could cause to the real estate such as fire to name the worst.

DAMAGES INSURANCE: if one of the member of your family, including your dog(s) damages some furnitures, the owner may ask for compensation. In such a case, you can contact our team and request the insurance to be activated. You should provide the owner's demand together with all the documents justifying the amount. Our guarantor partner will statute on its admissibility. Note that this insurance protects you against non predictable damages and not for the predictable ones such as cleaning.