About Very Dog Trip

It's all about a dog

Until 2020, our families were composed with children, two cats Bulle & Mozart and a hamster, Castagnette. No reason to change our holiday habits.

When Jessica, the owner of an Atika Inu named Sallee, joined our team, we realised how difficult it is to organise a holiday for someone who has the wish to travel with a dog. As a matter of fact, once the "Pets allowed" criteria is selected, there is very little on offer, not to say nothing when looking for a charming holiday home.

Dealing with holiday lets since 2012, we have federated our consistant network of holiday home owners and concierges with the aim to build a significant portfolio of Dog Friendly properties and facilitate tenant's life.

Before changing the world, let's improve the way our dogs are hosted.

Holiday homes like nowhere else

Owners rather prefer mentioning they do not accept dogs while they would be willing to accept some if they would know more about them. Based on the trust relationship built with our owners and concierges over the past decade, each property has been reviewed and qualified in order to significantly increase the number of pet friendly accommodation.

We simply give our owners and concierges the possibility to set their own criteria, the ones they are comfortable with to welcome our dogs : from numbers to weights, from ages to breeds.

Our dog friendly portfolio of holiday villas, chalets and apartments answers any kind of expectations. Our 'Wouf' label highlights properties with a garden or a terrace, our 'Waouh' and 'excellence" labels charming, high end services and luxury properties.

As a matter of fact, we propose an amazing collection of 100% dog friendly holiday homes to rent in France or abroad. 

And this is ONLY on VERY DOG TRIP.

Trust charter

As owners or tenants, none of us wants a 'very bad trip' holiday stay. Very Dog Trip concept is based on transparency, trust and respect. Owners and tenants commit to a transparent communication providing true informations and mutual respect while offering and using a property.

This  trust charter is one of Very Dog Trip pillars, giving a chance to another tenant to enjoy the same property and enlarging Very Dog Trip portfolio with new dog friendly holiday lets and therefore more possibilities to travel.

What's better than word of mouth.