Where do you take your master?

Our dog-friendly rentals for your holidays in La Grande Motte.

Searching for the available properties

Holiday rentals welcoming your dog in La Grande Motte. La Grande Motte is a seaside resort in the south of France, on the Mediterranean coast. Here are a few activities you could potentially find in La Grande Motte where dogs might be accepted: 

Beach walks: If the beach allows dogs, you could enjoy pleasant walks by the sea with your four-legged companion. 

Parks and playgrounds: Look for public parks or green spaces where dogs are welcome for a game of outdoor fun. 

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Hiking: Explore local hiking trails with your dog. Make sure the trails you choose allow dogs on leashes. 

Dog-friendly cafés and restaurants: Some establishments allow dogs on their terraces. Check with local restaurants to find out if they accept pets. 

Water activities: If you have a water dog, some water activities such as canoeing or windsurfing may be suitable. 

Special events for dogs: Find out about any events or gatherings for dogs and their owners, such as dog parades or agility competitions. 

City walks: Explore La Grande Motte with your dog as you stroll through the shopping streets or along the harbor. 

Boat excursions: If boat excursions are offered, check whether dogs are allowed on board.